About the ETDS

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ETDS - The Great Event

The European Tournament for Dancing Students was born in 1989. Twice a year, approximately 500 students from various European countries meet to celebrate a festival of dancing.

The ETDS is not only a sports competition, but also a great event to meet old and new friends from all over Europe.

For the 55th edition, held 13-16 May 2016, team Berlin cordially invites you to join us for sparkling days and roaring nights at our "Golden Twenties" ETDS.

The Tournament

The ETDS is open for dancing students and members of university dance classes. During the weekend, there will be held two breitensport tournaments - one Ballroom tournament and a tournament for Latin dancers. Each tournament starts with a qualification round, in which the starting field is divided into three levels: Amateurs, Profis, and Masters. Thereafter, the competition continues in separate tournaments for each of the levels, and every breitensport dancer competes against other couples of similar ability.

Dancers that registered without a dance parter can participate in our blind date programme to meet new dancers and to find a tournament partner for the weekend. The blind date programme will be held during the Friday night dance party.

The breitensport tournament is only open for dancers without any experience in club tournaments. All dancers above breitensport level will be able to participate in a separate fun tournament.

The Nightlife

Every night, you will enjoy a social dance party. ETDS dance parties are great for finding new dance partners, making new friends, and dancing until dawn.

Friday night, dancing starts with our welcome party. During our theme party on Saturday night, we will whisk you away into the glamorous world of the roaring Golden Twenties. Dance the Charleston with us, discover your burlesque side, and enjoy a drink at the Absinth bar. Do not forget to bring your suspenders and your flat cap, or your feather boa and your pearl necklace. On Sunday night, after the last trophy has been won, we invite you to our gala ball.