Our Rules

Wan der Maus

Who may participate?

All dancers related to University sports are welcome to join for the ETDS.

The participation in the dancing tournament is restricted. Minimum age for Participants is 18.

Requirements for the participation as a dancer at the ETDS tournaments:

All dancers who are at least qualified as Breitensport dancers may take part at the ETDS Breitensport tournaments (see the tables below for details).

Dancers, who have a higher level than Breitensport, may compete in the CloseD or Open Tournament, if they meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Dancers who participated at least once in the Breitensport category during any ETDS
  2. Coach of a University sports team (participating with minimum four Breitensport dancers of his team)
  3. Teamcaptain of a team with minimum 4 Breitensport participants from their hometown
  4. Dancers who enrolled during the last 10 ETDS at least 3 times as a participant (Breitensport, Open or Schlachtenbummler)

Dancers who may not take part as a dancer may still apply as adjudicator.

Tournament Classes

We will have three tournament classes: Amateurs, Profis and Masters in the breitensport section.

For the dancers above breitensport level, we will have the CloseD and the Open tournament. In both tornaments, every dance a new dance partner will be drawn by lots. This lottery will be drawn by a random generator.

The Dances

In the breitensport section, all tournaments start with Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive resp. Slow Waltz, Tango and Quickstep. In the Profis tournament, the Samba resp. the Viennese Waltz will be added in the semifinals. In the Masters tournament, all the five dances will be present it the semifinals. In the CloseD and Open tournament, all five dances are there from the beginning.

Overall Rules

You have to dance in the CloseD or Open Tournament, if...

  • you are a competition dancer (or compareable)
  • at the last 3 EDTS you were twice within the 1st - 3rd place in the highest Breitensport class
  • at the last 10 EDTS three times within the 1st - 3rd place OR 5 times in the finals in the highest Breitensport class

The following tables show the dancing class clasification:

Germany D-Class (inkl. Startkarte)
Formation (lower than 2. Bundesliga)
B-/ A-/ S-Class
Formation (2. Bundesliga and higher)
Netherlandsup to Debutats 3Debutants 2/1
B-/ A-Class
up to E-ClassD-Class
B-/ A-/ M-Class
 Intermediate Class
Advanced Class
National League
Norwayup to RekrutteringklassKonkurranseEliteklass
Franceup to F-ClassE-Class
C-/ B-/ A-Class
up to Trophy
Levels 1-3
Level 4 MedalNovice

If you meet the specifications for Open in one category, you have to participate at least in CloseD in the other dicipline (or you have to dance Open both disciplines, if the given specifications are met there, too!)

It is NOT possible to upgrade to dance in a higher class, or to downgrade in a lower class.

Please note, that you may dance either Breitensport OR CloseD/Open.

Dress Code

We ask all team captains to take care that their dancers are dressed decently

  • It is not allowed to dance in professional dance clothes (e.g. tailcoat, dance suit, latin shirt for competitions or tailored dance dress)
  • No excessive glitter, feathers, rhinestones on clothing allowed
  • No rhinestone accessories used in professional dancing are allowed
  • Clothing must cover buttocks and breasts, also whilst dancing
  • Waistcoats are allowed
  • Latin and Ballroom trousers are allowed
  • Button-down shirts made for dancing are allowed

Please wear dance shoes. Outdoor shoes and shoes with rubber sole are strictly forbidden.

Dance-Mouse Ranking

All participating teams compete for the ETDS’ extremely cute Breitensport trophy, the Mouse. Who, by the way, is called Van der Maus and has his current residence with the teams of Lublin and Twente. Please see above for a portrait.

His next temporary home will be determined according to the following rules:

  1. A team competing for the Mouse must consist of at least 10 people starting in at least one Breitensport tournament each. Smaller home teams may join to form a mouse team of at least 10 people (please tell us before the first qualification).
  2. Every dancer in any of the Breitensport tournaments obtains one point per beaten couple in the same tournament.
  3. Every dancer in a Profis tournament obtains half a point per couple in the Amateurs tournament of the same discipline.
  4. Every dancer in a Masters tournament obtains half a point per couple in the Profis tournament and a quarter point per couple in the Amateurs tournament of the same discipline.
  5. Every dancer obtains 5 bonus points per start in a blind-date couple in the Breitensport tournaments. A blind-date couple is a couple with leader and follower belonging to different home teams — even if their home teams have joined in the same mouse team (see 1).
  6. Every dancer who has never ever started in any Breitensport tournament (whichever discipline) in any prior ETDS obtains 5 bonus points per start in a Breitensport tournament.
  7. The final score in the Mouse competition is the team’s average number of points per start, i.e. the accumulated number of points from 2-6, divided by the number of team members who have started in the Ballroom Breitensport tournaments plus the number of team members who have started in the Latin Breitensport tournaments.